Home of Safety Teams and Researchers is the home of safety teams and researchers from Amsterdam Heineken experience. We aim to make the winter safer for everyone. Our organization focuses on enriching our teams with knowledge about avalanche and its other related factors.

Conduct Forecasting Activities

Our team analyze histories, data, samples, and more. The work starts as early as the first day of winter when ice and glaciers start to form. We survey the potential high-risk area and evaluate the damage an avalanche may cause. is developing accurate standards in determining whether the area should be evacuated. Once strong data and research have been established, a warning will be released to the public.


  • Studying the local history of high-risk avalanche areas.
  • Mapping high-risk areas and assessing potential damages an avalanche incident may cause.
  • Performing compression tests and analyzing samples.
  • Disseminate information to the public

We are Accepting Volunteers

If you have a science degree, physically healthy, and someone who can ski, we need you. is accepting volunteers. Our team is expanding, but there is still a lot of work to do. There are still areas which need to be studied and evaluated. We are looking for people who like outdoor activities. Please be advised that there are possible dangers on the job though we do take extra safety measures to prevent accidents. The volunteering experience could give you edge for future fieldwork. You’ll learn more about your surrounding and discover more about research methods and concepts.