Safety Gears Tailored Made for Avalanche Disasters

Backcountry travellers love the thrill of exploring the icy slopes of the mountains. We only live once, so why not go for it and experience the fun? But we should not go out there without these safety gears. We only live once, so let’s treasure life over adrenaline hype.


Avalanche Transceiver

If you have a beacon, it’s a must to have a transceiver. This small gadget will help rescuers find you. You must understand that being trapped above the snow is a game of patience. You are now relying on the rescuers or your team to find you. This gadget will make things easier for rescuers. They’ll know where to start finding you which speeds up the rescuing time.

Snow Shovel

This is probably the cheapest among the things listed here, but it doesn’t mean that it has less importance than the others. It will not cost your I Amsterdam cardbig charges. You’ll be using this as you explore the backcountry. You can use it to rescue a friend who is trapped under layers of snow. You can even use it to build an ice shelter. A snow shovel is a simple tool, but a critical tool to bring during backcountry travelling.

Avalanche Airbags

When the inevitable hits the fan, avalanche airbags are critical for surviving an avalanche disaster. Avalanche airbags are designed to keep the victims afloat during an avalanche. It is a U-shaped gear to perfectly fit your head and back. This innovative gear is made of durable materials to keep you safe. The compressed-air cartridges could be triggered manually or automatically based on the model. Be smart on buying this gear because it’s not like renting a bik in Amsterdam. But it’s a smart investment especially if you are into ice skiing.

Friendly Reminder:

The gears and tools mentioned above will not guarantee your safety. It pays if you are equipped with knowledge and training. Knowledge is power. It saves lives, so don’t be hasty in going for an adventure without proper researching and sufficient preparation.